Foreign missionaries have been active in Thailand for over 188 years, and yet the Thai people remain unreached with only 0.69% of the population counting themselves as a Protestant Christian. In a country of over 65 million people there are less than 500,000 Christians.  Only 4% of the villages in Thailand have a church.

To change this situation, our research shows that the most effective missionaries are the national Christians. In fact, each year 94% of new church members are led to the Lord through Thai Christians. Of the 17,000+ new believers a year in Thailand, over 16,000 are led to the Lord through Thais. Unfortunately, less than five percent of Thai church members are actively involved in evangelism and discipleship. 

We believe the best way to make a significant impact in reaching Thailand for Christ is to motivate, encourage, and enable Thai Christians to become effective church planters  to their own people. This is our primary goal and purpose in all we do and why we partner with the Thai church in all our activities.